For the discerning business person or traveler arriving in a private jet or commercial flight don’t want to wait in long lines in the terminal or require visa on arrival, VIP AIPORT SERVICES is the answer.     

VIP B service where we meet you in the immigration area escort you through a fast track no wait immigration/customs check

The service entails the following:

  1. Help you retrieve your luggage and escort you to your waiting vehicle
  2. If we required we can provided sedans, minivans, private bus with an English-speaking translator to escort you and the vehicle to your hotel or appointed destination. Our vehicles range from regular brand name sedans to high profile class vehicles such as BMW or Mercedes C, E or S-Class series.

For the high security client or private individual who do not want an exclusive entry and exit out of the airport without delay VIP A service is the perfect match for your needs.

VIP A service are used exclusively for high security travelers who do not want to mix with the crowd. This can be arriving on a private jet or commercial.  We provide exclusive VIP building entry away from the commercial arrivals hall.  The exclusive VIP building is a highly secured area where entry is limited to security vetted personnel.   Your pick vehicle will be directed to stage in this special secured area where security screening, immigration and customs will be checked through efficiently. 

The service entails the following:

  1. Pick up from the air stairs of the commercial aircraft or upon exit of your private jet. Terminal vehicle will escort you to the VIP building.
  2. Luggage handling will be transferred by private tarmac vehicle either taken from the hull of the commercial aircraft or private jet to the VIP building for screening.
  3. Immigration/customs processing will be done at the VIP building. Processing time will take 10- 15 minutes.
  4. Our luggage handlers will escort you and the luggage to your vehicle or you may choose to hire our vehicle to take you to your venue.

Please contact us for further information or quotes at [email protected]