Security Escort

Traveling to a foreign country where you do not know the lay of the land.  Whether you require briefing on security of a destination, or needing train security personnel to escort your MICE group or top executive.  Ann Tours has the solution.  We provide personal protection for arriving groups and principals to Vietnam and Cambodia.  With the uncertainty of security in the world now and a need to know the most updated security events in the country we provide the solution.

Our Personal Protection provides:

  • Trained personal protection team to provide latest updates of security related issues in the country of arrival
  • Provide security detail around the clock at your venue or security escort for your in-country visits
  • In some cases, we provide armed government extra layer security personnel where deemed needed.
  • Provide if need security escort vehicles and prescreened venue prior to arrival.

We are here to provide you peace of mind and make your principals visit smooth and uninterrupted.  Contact us for further information to customize your security needs. 

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