For the VIP or executive aircraft who requires safe, secured and timely service we provide reliable executive travel services ranging from VIP airport arrangements, 24 hour visa on arrival service, security and personal protection, overflight / landing permit follow up, preferred hotel reservations, and secured transportation. Our services cover Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Singapore. Based in Southeast Asia we understand the local culture to coordinate services to react quickly to client’s requests translating to fast and timely arrival and departures.  Our services cover all airports in Vietnam and Cambodia.  We have extended services in Singapore and Thailand.

Passengers and Crew

  • Passenger and baggage transportation between aircraft and General Aviation Terminal or Main Terminal with Airconditioned buses
  • local translator/guide
  • Crew transportation between aircraft and hotel
  • Customs and immigration assistance
  • Transfer handling for passengers and crews with connection flights
  • VIP service (aircraft to aircraft)
  • Use of crew lounge
  • Hotel reservation at preferred rates
  • Limousine and rental car reservations
  • Conference rooms
  • Telephone, telefax, telexes,photocopies
  • Assist local represenative to meet/greet at the aircraft
  • Arrange security clearance for your company vehicles to go to the aircraft.
  • use of local communications (mobile phones or sim cards).

Aircraft Services

  • Refueling (tech stop)
  • Landing permits
  • Overflight permits
  • Arrangement of ground engineer
  • GPU, ASU, stairs, lavatory service, cleaning, fresh-water, etc.
  • Flight plan assistance/NOTAMs
  • Weather briefings
  • ATC and airport slot coordination
  • First-class catering
  • Overnight 24 hour aircraft guards.
  • Accept payment Visa, Mastercard, American Express or set up credit account through our aviation partners

We are here to provide you peace of mind and make your principals visit smooth and uninterrupted.  Contact us for further information to customize your security needs. 

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