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Guangzhou / Southern China

Guangzhou Museum
Shamian Island
Foodie-Morning Tea-Guangzhou


3 days Guangzhou- southern China

Day 1

For those selected nationalities transiting in Guangzhou take advantage of the free 72-Hour Transit Visa to this 3rd largest city in China boasting beautiful riverways.  Arrival pick up transfer to your hotel.  With your guide make your way to your first destination, Temple of Six Banyan Trees (Liurong Temple), which is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Guangzhou. This temple on Liurong Road was originally built in AD 537 during the Liang Dynasty. When it was destroyed by fire during the Song Dynasty, it was only until AD 989 that it was rebuilt. You might be wondering why it’s called Temple of Six Banyan Trees.  It’s because a traveler in the year 1100 saw 6 Banyan trees in the temple complex. Those 6 Banyan trees no longer existed today.  Continue to discover the history of the area by visiting the Guangzhou Museum, which houses one of the world’s best collections of Chinese art.  The museum has a rich and diverse collections of traditional Chinese art from Ming and Qing Dynasty, ancient halls and other objects of cultural and historical significance. Here, you’ll also learn about Guangzhou’s role as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road to the South China Sea Route.In the evening, get a taste of Guangzhou’s nightlife at the Binjiang Lu Bar Street and enjoy a fantastic night view of Pearl River.  Enjoy the Chimelong International Circus, one of the largest permanent circuses in the world. One of the most jaw-dropping shows in China, this cultural extravagance combines Chinese acrobatics, Chinese martial arts, aerial ballet dance, spectacular visuals and live music into one show.  Transfer  back to your hotel.  O/N at hotel

Day 2

A trip to Guangzhou would not be complete without a visit to Shamian Island, an elliptical sandbank island bordering the Pearl River located in the Liwan District. During the late 19th Century, the island was used for trade by the British and French companies. As you take the scenic walk along the island, you’ll notice that most of the structures have European architecture (150 buildings) with road lined cafes like that of Europe.  Another attraction you should not miss is the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall-Folk Craft Museum. Also called Chen Clan Academy, the temple was built by the Chen Clan as an offering to their ancestors and as a place for the next generation to study. Aside from its vast array of heritage, the ancestral temple itself has a magnificent architecture with an equally interesting history.  End the day with a visit to Xiaozhou Village, a centuries-old village located in Zhuhai district. Located at the southern outskirts of the city, the village has one of the most beautiful canal systems in China.  Learn more of life along the canals, which will take you past historic buildings, picturesque bridges, local dumpling shops, quaint coffee shops and art shops.  Return to your hotel.  O/N at hotel

Day 3

Everyone knows that Chinese cuisine is among the oldest in the world. It considered as one of the most diverse culinary heritages which evolved over thousands of years. On your last day in Guangzhou, join Eating Adventures Food Tour, which is a must try experience. This food tour will have you enjoy 5 to 6 authentic Chinese cuisine locations and morning market tour.  If you still have time before your departure, visit the Qingping Market located between Tiyun and Qingping Streets. You can find almost everything inside its covered market, from traditional Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbs, medical supplies and devices, fruits and seafood, flowers, birds and fish. You might need an extra suitcase though which you can also find here. Don’t forget to haggle to get the best bang for your buck. Aside from shopping, Qingping Market is also a food destination. You can explore its back alleys and interior courtyards to find restaurants frequented by locals. After your gastronomic and market tour, prepare for your departure and check out of your accommodation in Guangzhou.